4+ Sample Printable Certificate of Death Template

A Certificate of Death is a document which states and verifies a person’s death along with with the date and time of the death, the reason for the death and the place. It is issued by a medical practitioner or by a registrar of vital statics.

We are here giving you access to different types of certificate templates which are used for many occasions and events. These are certificate templates you can use for official and unofficial purposes.

Certificate of Death Form

When a person dies, the doctor issues you a certificate which is called a certificate of death. In this certificate, the reason behind the person’s death is stated. But in the history of the United States, people argued that the reason should not be mentioned in the death certificate because sometimes people died because of natural disaster and for the privacy policy of an HIV positive patient.

Certificate of Death Form

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We here providing you sample death certificate templates which you can download and print. People use death certificates for many unofficial purposes too such as many people use a fake death certificate of a person to prank their friends. People also use death certificate as a resemblance of a beloved person.

Free Death Certificate Format

Death certificate Format

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A death certificate contains information regarding the dead person like name, gender, the reason for the death, date and time of the death, location of death, etc. A death certificate is used for various official or unofficial reasons. There are many official purposes where a death certificate is used. It is used for the insurance claim as proof for the insurance company. It is also used for settling estates, arranging a funeral and getting married if a person’s partner died, so their second marriage would be legal.

Free Death Certificate Application

Death Certificate Application

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When you are applying for a death certificate make sure it is applied within 21 days from the day of the person’s death. If in any case, you have applied for it after the completion of 21 days, then you have to obtain a “no objection certificate” (NOC). You can apply for the death certificate at the deputy commissioner’s office. Make sure you have all the important documents with you which are stated in the application form necessary.

When you fill out the application properly the operator will generate a document from the computer on the basis of the information that you have filled in the application form. Then he or she will send this printed out document to the officer, the officer will sign the certificate and it will be given back to you. This is the full process of getting a certificate of death.

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