5+ Sample Free Certificate Of Satisfaction Template

The Certificate Of Satisfaction is an official document which signifies that all the recorded liens on the real property are paid off. The word satisfy means paid off and unsatisfied mean un paid.

Here we provide you with certificate templates you can use. These certificate templates are free to download. You can have access to these printable certificate templates from here and use them for free.

Certificate Of Satisfaction CCJ

Certificate Of Satisfaction CCJ

Download Certificate Of Satisfaction- PDF

The full form of CCJ is County Court Judgement. If you receive a CCJ then you have the permission to pay your all debts. If your CCJ is not recorded correctly then you can appeal for the correction. That means if you have paid off all the debts and it is not updated then you can ask for the correction and the for the certificate of satisfaction from the court.

When the court will collect the evidence that you paid all your debts then you will receive a certificate of satisfaction. A certificate of satisfaction is also known as a certificate of cancellation. It is the document which proofs that you have paid all your court orders and your debts.

Certificate Of Satisfaction Template

A piece of very important information about the certificate of satisfaction is that people think that after paying off all their debts, their records are removed from the credit file. But it is not true. It will be only be removed from the files after 7 years.

Certificate Of Satisfaction Template

Download Free Certificate Of Satisfaction

If you need your own certificate of satisfaction then you can take inspiration from these certificate of satisfaction templates. These certificate templates are can be edited and used as you want to use them. You just have to download them and then print them out.

We also provide certificate templates of Employment, Redemption, Verification and many more. You can download all these certificate templates from here for free.

Certificate of Satisfaction Form

Certificate Of Satisfaction Fee

Printable Certificate Of Satisfaction Templates

Here you will find some samples of a certificate of satisfaction templates which can be printed.  You can make some small editings like name, and signatures and then these are ready to use. The certificate of satisfaction is a legal document which is issued from the court.

Certificate of Satisfaction Sample

The fee if you apply for the certificate of satisfaction in the court is  £15. It is kept in the legal records of the country. It signifies the credibility of a person. If you need a certificate of satisfaction then you can appeal for it in your country court. There is a time period for enforcing the CCJ on a person. If your debts have been more then 6 years then it will automatically be removed from the records.

Certificate of Satisfaction Sample

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